Travel Conditions

General conditions of the contract for the transport of passengers and baggage

Art.1(Conclusion of the contract of carriage). The passenger, goingup on the vehicle in service and simultaneously paying theprice of the race-or buying on the ground-acquires the rightsand assumes the obligations listed below.
The company TAM Srl accepts and provides for requests for transport compatible with the ordinary means of the company, according to the present general conditions established or authorized in the Authorization Act and made known to the public. Prejudice to the special concessions accepted by the general conditions, any derogation from these general conditions shall be void, and the provisions of the general conditions shall be replaced by the clause.
Article 2 (Subject matter of the contract). TAM srl – Tirreno Azienda Mobilità srl -, in exchange for payment of the price of the travel/travel ticket, will transport the passenger from the place of the stop where the passenger boarded the vehicle to the stop at the place indicated by the passenger for the descent, on the lines authorised by the passenger and during operation.
Art. 3 (carrying out the transport). The transport will be in compliance with the tariffs, modalities, timetables, itineraries, and prescriptions as determined by the authorization acts or otherwise imposed by the authority enabling the line.
Art. 4 (Proof of the conclusion of the contract). The passing ticket issued by TAM srl is a proof of the conclusion of the contract for the journey indicated in the ticket.
Art. 5 (Transfer of contract). The right to transport cannot be transferred if the ticket indicates or contains data allowing to determine the passenger’s name or if, without these indications, the passenger has started the journey.
Art. 6 (Boarding without ticket). Passengers entering the car must have a valid travel document, and will show it, if requested, to the staff on duty. If you board without a ticket, you must immediately notify the crew so that they can issue the necessary travel documents. If the passenger does not have a regular travel document or a travel document that has expired or has been altered or falsified, he will incur administrative penalties consisting of the payment of the ticket for the entire journey plus the administrative penalty ranging from € 100.00 to € 500.00 (plus the costs of notification).
Art. 7 (Check or verification of passing tickets). Simple travel or round-trip tickets, as well as any other passing ticket, are the property of TAM srl. The passenger will exhibit at any time the same to the staff of TAM Srl, staff to whom the passenger, in the cases provided by these general conditions, recognizes the right to provide for the withdrawal. The service personnel can send down the passenger without a valid travel title from the car. The Company reserves the Authority to denounce to the judicial authorities the cases, which are of the character of recurrence or fraud.

Art. 8 (Change of ticket).
The ticket can be changed free of charge 72 hours before departure, paying an additional charge of € 1.50 until 1 hour before departure. It is possible to change the ticket only once.It is not possible to change the BASIC ticket.
Art. 9 (Conditions of transport of adults, children and unchecked baggage for the Roma Termini/ADR – Aeroporti di Roma – line).
No traveller can occupy more than one place. Accompanied children Are transported free of charge and aged 6 years, provided there are seats not occupied by other paying passengers. Therefore, if you want to reserve to those minors a place that can not be occupied by other travellers you will have to buy a ticket for the same. An adult must accompany children under the age of 12. In the price of passage is included the consideration of the transport of only one baggage for each passenger whose maximum weight does not exceed the fifteen kilograms. For the carriage of additional luggage, or baggage exceeding the size of 80x45x25 cm, it is due to the payment of the ordinary ticket.
Passengers are obliged to allocate their luggage in the appropriate luggage boxes or in the trunks of the car. In the event that the passenger does not intend to store the luggage in the appropriate compartments to keep it with him in the car, he must also pay for the ticket for their luggage and store it in the seat in such a way as not to cause discomfort, hindrance or encumbrance to other passengers. Even strollers (provided that they are folded so as to represent the minimum encumbrance) and special packages such as: rods, fishing rods, skis, small musical instruments, etc.. not exceeding the length of 220 cm. must be stored in the luggage.
Art. 9 bis (Conditions of transport of adults, children and unregistered baggage for the Naples/Perugia/Assisi line). No traveler may occupy more than one seat. Accompanied children up to the age of 5 years are transported free of charge if there are seats not occupied by other paying passengers. Therefore, if you want to reserve a seat for the minors that cannot been occupied by other travelers, you must also buy a ticket for them with a reduction compared to the full price of 50%. However, it will be necessary to show a suitable document (also a health card) from which the age of the minor can be deduced. An adult must necessarily accompany children under the age of 14. The price of the passage includes the cost of transporting only two pieces of luggage for each passenger whose maximum weight does not exceed fifteen kilograms. For the carriage of additional baggage, or baggage exceeding the dimensions of 80x45x25 cm, the payment of the ordinary ticket is due. Passengers are required to store their luggage in the appropriate luggage boxes or in the trunks of the car. In the event that the passenger does not intend to store the luggage in the appropriate compartments to keep it with him in the car, he must also pay for the ticket for their luggage and store it in the seat in such a way as not to cause discomfort, inconvenience or clutter to other passengers.
Even strollers (provided that they are folded so as to represent the minimum encumbrance) and special packages such as: rods, fishing rods, skis, small musical instruments, etc.. not exceeding the length of 220 cm. must be stored in the luggage. It is also possible to entrust to the staff of TAM srl the transport of parcels not following the passengers. Passengers must necessarily bear a label on which will be reported, legibly, the personal data of both sender and recipient as well as the indication of the details of the identification document that will be shown to the staff of TAM both from the first – at the time of delivery – that from the second at the time of collection. The cost of transporting parcels that are not the result of passengers will has be calculated based on the volume of the same.
Small package (h. 40 cm – widht 25 cm) = Euro 5,00; medium package = (h. 70 cm – widht 50 cm) Euro 10,00; large package (h. 1 mt – widht 70 cm) = Euro 15,00.
Art. 10. (Things not allowed to transport) are Not permitted to carry: weapons, liquid gases or similar; Flammable, explosive, noxious, contaminating or foul-smelling materials; Liquids contained in fragile or poorly sealed containers, baby wheelchairs of the non-folding and reducible type of volume.
Art.11 (Stops, boarding and alighting of passengers, transport requests). The cars stop only at the points determined by special tables. The request of the stop must be made from the ground can not be requested. The transport is carried out according to the order of the requests; In the case of multiple concurrent requests, the largest path is preferred. The travel concessions granted to the disabled are recognised on the same terms as anyone who requests it. On The cars The ascent and descent takes place exclusively from the front door. During The race it is strictly forbidden to go up or down from the cars or ask the driver to go up or down from the vehicle in different place from the one established as stop.
Article 12 (Passenger duties). On cars, the passenger is obliged to behave correctly and not harass other passengers, also to protect their own safety and that of others; must therefore refrain from talking to the driver and occupy the space reserved for him, will absolutely avoid any behavior that could disturb or offend the driver and / or users, smoking, obscene speeches, begging, exercising the itinerant trade, from ‘advertising – even if for charitable purposes – without the prior consent of the Company, singing and/or playing, shaking, leaning on doors and windows, leaning out of windows, placing hands in doorways or window guides or feet on seats, stopping in areas reserved for the transit of passengers, performing any act that may impede free access to and outflow from cars, cause danger to oneself or others, damage to the cars themselves. In cases in which the behavior of the traveller is able to disturb the other passengers, at the request of the on-board staff, the defaulting passenger is obliged to get out of the car at the first useful stop (in case of resistance TAM srl may request the intervention of the police). He will not be entitled to a refund of the race not enjoyed.
Art. 13 (Good preservation of car furnishings). The traveller is responsible for the breakdowns caused by him to the cars. He undertakes, using the best possible care to this end, to keep the furnishings and fittings of the vehicle, the vehicle itself or its appliances in good condition. The defaulting traveller, who causes damage to the vehicle, its appliances, furnishings or fittings, or carries out vandalism, insulting acts or damages to the vehicle (and in particular to the interiors and seats), will be obliged to compensate for the damage.

Art. 14 (Passenger rights). According to the main rules governing the use of the service, travelers are entitled to the following rights: safety and peace of mind of the journey; continuity and certainty of service; information in case of anomalies or accidents on the continuation of the journey by alternative means (where possible); compliance with departure times and frequencies; hygiene and cleanliness of vehicles; compliance with the provisions relating to the “smoking ban” on vehicles; accessibility to the procedure of suggestions and complaints and response to them by TAM srl:
a) No departure of the passenger. Passengers who have purchased their tickets on the ground or online, if they do not show up on board in the agreed time (i.e. 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time), are not entitled to a refund of the unused journey;

b) Delay in departure or cancellation of departure. If TAM srl should delay the departure of a race by more than thirty minutes or cancel it without good reason, and it is not possible to make the trip with another car of the same Tam srl, which departs in the following sixty minutes, the passenger who has purchased other categories of transit tickets on the ground, who has not taken advantage of these races, may request a refund of the price of the delayed or cancelled race. In the case of a regular long-distance service lasting more than three hours, in case of cancellation or delay of more than 90 minutes, passengers are entitled to appropriate assistance including: snacks, meals and drinks and, if necessary, accommodation (the carrier may limit the total cost of accommodation to 80 euros per night for a maximum of two nights and is not required to cover the cost of accommodation if the cancellation or delay is due to adverse weather conditions or major natural disasters);
(c). carrier’s Liability. Apart From the responsibility for the delay and for the default in the execution of the transport which is regulated in the previous articles, TAM Srl responds to claims that affect the person of the traveler during the trip and the loss or failure of Things that the traveller carries with him, if he does not prove that he has taken all appropriate measures to avoid the damage (C.C. 1681). Apparent damage must be immediately communicated to the personnel on the vehicle’s edge;

d) Responsibility of TAM srl for baggage. Damages resulting from loss or damage caused by the carrier may not exceed one euro per kilogram of weight of lost or damaged baggage (art. 1696 cc).
The loss or the failure must be shown, on penalty of revocation, to be noted at the time of delivery. [Art. 1697 CC].
(e) Uncollected baggage and lost property. TAM may deposit unclaimed baggage at its own depots in a suitable place, provided that the owner’s details are known and the passenger is notified. For those who are unknown to the generality of the owners and for lost and found objects on vehicles, not presenting the owner to claim them, after five days from the discovery, will be delivered to the Commission or the Command of the Municipal Police in the area where they are found or the Office of lost property located at Fiumicino airport (tel +39 06 65955253).

Art. 14 bis (Rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility).
In addition to the rights of passengers in general, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility have the following rights when using bus services, in order to allow them to benefit from the same travel possibilities as other citizens.
(a) Right of access to transport for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility, without additional charges
People with disabilities or persons with reduced mobility do not have to pay an additional fee for bookings and tickets.
The above mentioned cannot be refused the reservation, the provision of a ticket, or not to accept on board passengers because of their disability or reduced mobility. Exceptions are permitted only in cases where the transport of the person with disabilities or with reduced mobility in question would not be possible in accordance with the applicable legislation on passenger safety and health provisions and Safety of the competent authorities or when the structure of a bus, or the transport infrastructure, does not allow the transport of that person in safe and practical conditions.
In the case of long-distance regular services, if the carrier refuses to accept a reservation, provide a ticket or embark a passenger on the above-mentioned grounds, it must immediately inform the carrier of the reason for the refusal and, if the passenger so requests, put this information in writing. Furthermore, in the event of a refusal to accept the reservation or to provide a ticket, he must inform the person concerned of any acceptable alternative service operated by the carrier. If the problems for which the passenger in question was denied a reservation or boarding can be solved by the presence of a person able to provide the necessary assistance, the passenger may request to be accompanied by a person of his or her choice free of charge.
In the case of regular long-distance services, where a disabled person or person with reduced mobility holds a ticket or reservation and has duly notified the carrier of his specific needs and boarding is denied on the grounds of his disability or reduced mobility, he may choose between reimbursement and re-routing (the latter subject to the availability of appropriate travel services).
Carriers and terminal managing bodies shall ensure non-discriminatory access conditions for the carriage of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. These conditions shall be made public and shall be physically distributed at the request of the passenger.

(b) Right to special assistance
In the case of long-term regular services, carriers and terminal managing bodies, within their respective areas of competence, shall provide free assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility shall notify the carrier of their specific needs no later than 36 hours before the assistance is actually needed and shall report to the designated point in the bus and coach terminal at the agreed time before the departure time (no more than 60 minutes).
(c) right to compensation for loss of or damage to mobility equipment
Where a carrier or station managing body has caused the loss of or damage to mobility equipment (wheelchairs and other assistive devices), it shall pay compensation corresponding to the replacement value of the equipment in question or the repair costs (provided that the repair of such equipment is possible). If necessary, the carrier shall use its best endeavors to temporarily replace the lost or damaged mobility equipment or loss.

Article 14b (Transport of domestic animals)
The passenger may bring with him/her live, non-dangerous pets, such as small dogs, cats and other small pets. With the exception of guide dogs for blind passengers, pets must be placed in a pet carrier, which must be placed in the seat next to the traveler’s seat. The size of the carrier may not exceed that of a single seat. The passenger is responsible for the surveillance of the animal transported for the entire duration of the trip and is solely responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by their pet. The reduced fare of:
Naples/perugia € 10,00 for the single ticket; € 20,00 for the return ticket. The guide dog of the blind person is not subject to the payment of any ticket.
Rome/FCO € 6,00 for a one-way ticket; € 9,00 for a return ticket. The guide dog of the blind person is not subject to the payment of any ticket;
Fiumicino/Foggia € 10,00 for the single ticket; € 20,00 for the return ticket. The guide dog of the blind person is not subject to the payment of any ticket.
The transport of the animal, excluding guide dogs, may be refused if the bus is crowded and if it could disturb other passengers (due to allergy problems, etc…).
Art. 15 (Complaints and reports). Tam srl has a system for handling complaints relating to rights and obligations under EU Regulation 181/2011. In addition, it always notifies the passenger that the complaint is accepted, rejected or still under examination, always providing a final answer in accordance with art. 17 of Legislative Decree no. 169/2014. For disruptions and regarding the transport service, passengers can submit reports and complaints either by telephone (telephone number 06/65047426 ), or by fax (number 06/83960567), letter (Via Portuense 2400, 00054 Fiumicino (RM) ) e-mail (e-mail: and website
In the reporting the user must clearly expose the fact by referring to specific circumstances, attaching – where possible – the relevant documentation. In accordance with the current rules governing local public transport, the user, in the event of a failure due to force majeure and in any case not dependent on the will itself, is not entitled to any reimbursement by the company, which, however, on the basis of Service contract signed with the Province of Rome, in the face of failure to reach the agreed service standards, is subject only to “economic penalties”. Passengers may send a complaint to the Tam within three months of the date on which it was lent or the regular service should have been lent. Within one month of receipt of the complaint Tam notifies the passenger that the complaint is accepted, dismissed or still under consideration. The definitive answer will be no later than three months after receipt of the complaint. These terms do not apply to questions relating to compensation in the event of death, personal injury or damage and loss of baggage in The event of an accident.
Art. 16 (Application of passenger rights)
The national regulatory body responsible for the enforcement of this Regulation (EU) No 181/2011 as regards regular services from points located on its territory and regular services from a third country to those points shall be the AOO Transport Regulatory Authority. Therefore, passengers who have already complained to the bus company, may apply – even through associations representing their interests, where expressly delegated to do so – in the second instance to the Transport Regulatory Authority, to report violations of the obligations under Regulation (EU) 181/2011 by the transport company.

It is specified as for the transport services on buses whose expected distance is less than 250 km, only a few reasons for complaint are applicable, as expressly indicated in the “complaint Form” downloadable by clicking here..